Bob Benedict - Start-up CTO, Ruby on Rails expert, seasoned development manager
Project work done by me: was a community of people exchanging tips about living a better life. People shared recommendations like meditate for 3 minutes each morning or save $100 a month for retirement. The applicaiton was based on gamification and social networking functionality, with plan managament for users to track their progress (pictured right). Bob Benedict improovme
I have been experimenting with lean development more recently. The image to the right is a concept I am considering for a future project. I created 2 landing pages for A/B testing, using 2 different approaches for positioning, to see how much interest there was in a social and political site. Interested? Bob Benedict landing pages was one of my early mobile projects. Cameras on iPhones were getting better. People were tagging friends in photos on facebook. I put the two together to create a home inventory product. The application made enough on the app store to cover some development, but not enough to keep it going. hinventory logo iphone application interface
Open Mountain offered development leadership and resources to start-ups. I ran the company with my co-founder, who came on after the first year, until we sold the company successfully in 2010 to a development partner. open mountain software development
This campaign for Open Mountain was featured on A friend in the ad business told us advertising should be about creating your own "got milk" or "just do it". These images make me laugh. outsourcing never felt like this outsourcing never felt like this outsourcing never felt like this
Working on logos and the brand helps me think about what image I am trying to present, and that informs what I develop as well. Here are a few examples from my recent "orange" period. Bob Benedict logo designs
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