Bob Benedict - Start-up CTO, Ruby on Rails expert, seasoned development manager
A little bit about me:
Bob Benedict CTO ruby on rails expert

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How would I describe myself?
I consider myself a seasoned software development leader with broad experience and hands-on technical abilities. My experience comes from working at big companies like Intuit and Adobe, and start-ups like DigitalThink and GuideSpark, where I am currently the CTO. I am also a Ruby on Rails enthusiast.
What professional accomplishments am I most proud of?
I have two really. I was an engineer on the first ever data warehouse. I also started a software company during one the of the worst times in recent history. The company did very well and was eventually sold. I guess a third would be the Mac II I won in college so many years ago.
Some quotes from people who have worked with me:
Bob possesses strong technical breadth and is a good leader, but he also understands the fine balance of managing his team and business priorities.  Adobe product manager

Bob is one of the best in the business. He is very focused on delivering quality and being responsive to customer needs. His technical knowledge is second to none.  VP of Sales

Bob is a great guy and a great manager, who knows how to get the most out of his team. I hope our professional and personal paths will cross again in the future.  Creator of Balsmiq Mockups

[Bob is] a natural manager who takes care of his people. Bob has been a real role model for me.  Former direct report now CTO of successful start-up
How do I explain what I do to my friends?
Developing software is like designing a house in your head and writing instructions for robots to do the construction.
If I wasn't developing, Id be...
Writing books or making wine.
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